How to disable LibreOffice font rendering

In LibreOffice ,
Even disable “use anti-sliasing” , “Use OpenGL for all rendering” and Win7 ClearType,
Still can not disable font rendering.

What do you mean by “disable font rendering” - which does not make sense as it would leave a blank page.
Are you talking about disabling the new font rendering engine?
There is an advanced setting for that.

Thank for your help.

I want to disable Fonts Anti-Aliasing.
In LibreOffice >Tools>Options>Advanced>Open Expert Configuration?org.openoffice.Office.Common>View>FontAntiAliasing

After luanch Libreoffice, Font anti-aliasing still enabled.

V Stuart Foote 2017-03-23 12:55:17 UTC

On Windows builds at, with OpenGL rendering the horizontal scaling of glyphs has been moved from DirectWrite to GDI+ calls and so should match the rendering of Default.

Table vertical text in Writer, No Anti-aliasing.

I have also this problem. Smoothed fonts let my eyes burn! I have to switch back to LO 5.2 until it is fixed!

Opned Bug 107744
link to bug

In the menu Tools:Options:LibreOffice:View:User Interface, there is supposed to be a checkbox “Screen font antialiasing”. If disabling that checkbox doesn’t seem to work, then you could try another thing: Below the same checkbox there is an editfield called “from:”, where you can specify the smallest font size for which to apply antialiasing. If you enter in that editfield for example “900 pixels” , then only fonts with sizes larger than 899 pixels will be antialiased…

In win7, can not find out the editfield called “from:”

I have tested now the LibreOffice and the disabling of the font rendering works!