How to dismiss Tip of the Day pop-ups?

Running LO 7.2 with Linux Mint Mate 19.2. Unable to dismiss Tip of the Day pop-ups. Selected Tools>Options>General and unchecked the option to show these pop-ups and then Apply and OK but the boxes usually recheck themselves and the pop-ups remain.

Also wish to cancel the blue banner that displays under the toolbar regarding “first time user.”

What am I missing?

What you describe looks as if your user profile isn’t saved (or otherwise gets recreated anew each time). So the customizations (possibly any?) are lost the next time you start it.

Why could it happen needs some investigation from your side. May it be that the directory where LibreOffice tried to create the profile gets purged? Maybe you could try starting LibreOffice with a command line defining some specific user profile path (see -env:UserInstallation there) - and then check if using that path, your settings persist?


Many thanks for posting.