How to display 2 sections of Writer doc? (Split screen)

When I used that “other” word processor I could display the beginning and end of a long document by “splitting the screen” into two sections. My Writer files typically contain text with a citation. I want to see BOTH the text and the citation (“Source”) at the same time This requires a “split screen” with possibly several “screens” between text and citation.

The president said1 njkafasfjsfas

---- Split -----

  1. President said: https//

Google Blogger prevents me from using <A HREF://… so I have to cite my source near end of document. PITA, but it’s free.

Any help, pointers in general direction most welcome. TIA

Writer has no split screen feature per se. However, you can open another instance of the same document with Window>New Window. Resize and move the windows so that they fit side by side on your screen(s).

Both instances remain “connected” to each other, so that what you edit in one window is immediately echoed in the other. Saving one instance, flushes both. You have no conflict nor discrepancy: the windows are only two views on the same document.

Note: you are not limited to two instances if that’s useful.

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Ajlittoz - Thank you; that will work for me. (Glad were in WYSIWYG more; command more would be cumbersome :->)