How to display a form text box in several places?


using libre office (Version: (x64)) forms, I want to create an interactive pdf, where users fill out a Text Box, which (the entered conent) is then shown in multiple places in the pdf.

Nothing I tried, worked for me. Neither giving both Text boxes the same Label (which is not allowed), nor copying it, nor cross-referencing, which is not allowed for form text box, it seeems.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

I feel that you’re trying to mix two incompatible contexts.

Writer is a tool to manage a text flow to yield a nice-looking lay-out. It offers a limited feature to produce forms but only in its most primitive aspects: a set of entry fields spread over the page.

The non-text additions such as pictures, graphic shapes, drawing objects and form controls are outside the text flow. Form controls content can’t even be retrieved inside Writer variables. You’re trying to add some processing in your form (like copying a field value somewhere else).

You should design your “form” as a protected spreadsheet with only the entry cells unprotected and use it as an .ods document. This allows to copy cell content or do some arithmetics on them. If you insist on PDF, I’m afraid there is no solution.