How to display a number with decimals?

Hello everyone!

I have A1: 123.10 and B1: shows 123.1
I need that B2 display the zero (123.10). The formula I’m using is =CONCATENATE(B1,TEXT"0.00",)
Obviously doesn’t work and it gives me this error message: Err:509

I’ll appreciate any help you can give!

The correct way to use TEXT is to apply it as a function, not as a switch to the concatenate function. However, in most cases you would want the referring cell to hold the number in proper numeric form, not a textual representation of the number.

So, most likely you need the formula =A1 in cell B1. You then select menu item Format - Cells, tab Numbers. Pick a suitable form from the list.

If you really need the number in textual form (e.g. for more reliable extraction/manipulation of individual digits), use the formula =TEXT(A1;"0.00").
This makes the content of B1 unreliable for use in further calculations.

Thank you very much!