how to display a status dialog box


I looping through 2 large data sets and want to know if there is some sort of dialog box I can use?
I basically have a total of 10,000 records to scan through and want to display a text box that says processing row …
with out any user interaction, after say 100 records i’d update the dialog box. i’ll be using the basic macro programming language. is there a set of commands i can look at to do this? can a msgbox be used sans the buttons to click on?


Welcome! No, MsgBox is not suitable for the described task. Yes, you can create a modeless (non-modal) dialog that will display some data and at the same time allow you to work with tables. Please tell us in more detail - what scenario for working with tables do you plan?

you may want to consider using a nonmodal dialog. Example is here:

… or the statusindicator: [Solved] Python/Calc: Viewing intermediate results (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum