How to display numbers as information?


I want to display in a cell two different numbers. I have a value in A1 and A2 and I need these values displayed in A3 as NUMBER (NUMBER)

It would be amazing if the value in parenthesis can be displayed with cents as .00.

Here an example:
A1) 2500
A2) (100.50)
A3) 2500 (100.50)

Thanks for your time guys!

the solution is: A3=CONCATENATE(TEXT(A1,"0")," (",TEXT(A2,"0.00"),")")

Good luck


Hi Juergen! I just tried it and it didn’t work :confused: Sorry, I’m a complete beginner using LibreOffice. Is there something I have to modify in your formula to work in my file or it should work just like it is? Thank you!

Sorry now it works. But you must delete “A3” in the Beginning. Formulas start with “=”.

Unfortunately, didn’t work again. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. I’m using it without the “A3”. I come up with this formula and it worked =A10 & “(” & B10 & “)” but there’s no space between A10 and B10. i.e 100(50.50)

I finally found a way that works. =CONCATENATE(A1;" “;”(";B1; “)”)
Thank you for all your help!

Hi AlexBC,

after your update of the question, cell A2 now reads “(100.50)”. This is already a text. So your formula now works perfectly. Before, this was a number and actually the subject of your question.
Since you wrote your question in an English forum and used a dot as decimal separator, I assumed that you also use English formula separators. In your comment I saw that you use semicolon instead of comma. That is the reason why my formula did not work for you. Also because there is no number in A2 but a text.
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