How to distribute rows in sheet using column as row number

I would like to import data or ‘sort’ data in a sheet using a column value as row number.


my data is

1, someone
2, sometwo
4, somefour
7, someseven

and I need to automatically distribute in a sheet leaving empty lines on row 3, 5 and 6
is it possible? Thanks


one solution:

  • Import your data into column A and B this way:

image description

  • Enter formula =IFNA(OFFSET($B$1;MATCH(ROW();$A$1:$A$4;0)-1;0;1;1);"") into C1

  • Drag the formula down to row which equals the maximum number in column A, which is 7 in this example. In other words: Drag down to cell C7

  • Optional Steps

    1. Select column C and Data -> Calculate -> Formula to Value
    2. Delete columns A and B

Hope that helps

Thanks, it works.



of course with [x] Matrix option in Formula-Assistent