How to do This In LibreOffice Writer

Hello all, I am having ZOOM Meetings with Group who is making a guide. In these Meeting the Host shares here computer screen, and she is using Word and has a side panel open where she can add comments and such. Here is Link to one of meetings, scroll to the 20:00 mark to see what what I am talking about - Error - Zoom

Can this be done in LibreOffice and if so, How?

The video doesn’t help at all because, at the 20:00 mark, the “operator” makes a correction in the main text. So, edit your question to better explain. And try to find a relevant title!

With the help of a crystal ball, I would bet that the irght side panel contains comments. Comments can be added to any Writer document with Insert>Comment or Alt+Shift+C.

If this is what you’re looking for, I’ll make my comment an answer.

No play the video you will she has a window open on the right side where she add thoughts about the guide and stuff or where changes need to be. Look more around the 12:11 mark, you see Line down the right side of the Document and Sian name with text after it, that is area I am talking about. At 15:11, her mouse is right over the area

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See my comment about Insert>Comments. Does this cover your purpose?

Ok I see here [link text]!AmuSV7uCiSQNpEhp_w6RljSuJc_u(http://) That Libre office right does allow the Word formatting to carry over. If you look at the are where you do size (width) formatting, comments is right there.

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Either you can give a reliable and accurate reference where you side panel is used and not only shown or you reword your question and comments in some sort of international English (with short sentences composed of a subject, a verb and complements and not something like at the are where you do) so that non-native English readers like me can understand what you ask for.

I have no time to watch a 1-hour video whose main topic is not document processing application usage. Obviously, you’re pleased by something but what?

Due to the present approximations, you should test my suggestion of Insert>Comments if that fits your needs.

Please mention your OS and LO version because there are variations in menus and procedures depending on these two important parameters.