how to download an English version of the installer

Hi! I need to download an English Libre Office installer. I have an ENG (UK) version of windows 10, but I am in Norway, so I get the Norwegian version of the installer. I tried to use the option “need another language?” which did not help at all.
I know that this question was asked (How to change the installation language - #3 by manj_k) but it is not working. It is starting the installer, but it is in Norwegian.
I typed that: “msiexec /i C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\LibreOffice_6.2.2_Win_x64.msi TRANSFORMS=:2057” - it was still in Norwegian.

But that is not all - my mother wants to download and install it so I do not expect that she will be happy about anything else that choosing the language and press ok.

Is it possible to simply download an english version of the software without anything more?

There is only one version of installer for Windows x64: the one that includes all available UI languages. There’s no separate English installer.

To force installer language, you need to use ProductLanguage property, as mentioned in Deployment and Migration wiki. For example (en-UK):

msiexec /i LibreOffice_X.Y.Z_Win_x64.msi ProductLanguage=2057

Oh and by the way: the installer language is automatically taken from “Region and Language” → “Format” (accessible using intl.cpl command line). That is per-user setting. One might set the language there once, and if required, change all settings there manually to have, e.g., English language + Norwegian decimal separator settings.

I just clicked it through and I have an eng ver of the software. Only the installer was in Norwegian. I haven´t been using windows since 2013 (now I have it on an VM) and forgot where everything is.

Thanks for answer. I will try to install it on my mom’s computer.