How to draw microsoft word like SmartArts in Writer?

I saw this really nice word file with beautiful flow charts made using SmartArt in Microsoft word.
Ever since I am wondering how to create similar stuff in my favourite Writer.
If there’s a way please suggest.

Remember most of us don’t use M$ Office just because we use LO. So when requesting something à la Word or any, describe precisely what you mean.

As a general rule, when graphics art is at stake, do not do it in Writer. Writer is at its best with text flow and layout. Any other function is a convenience offered to you for quick’n’dirty additions in a reduced version of a more complete and powerful feature.

Do any sophisticated graphics art in Draw. Draw is another component of the LO suite dedicated to graphics. It has full fledged features.

When you’re satisfied with the result, copy the part you are interested in and paste it into Writer. It will come as a frame. Frames have many properties for position and wrapping mode (interaction with text). Frame properties can be recorded in a frame style for repetitive application.

Regarding flow charts, Draw has special lines/curves called connectors which are glued to the objects at their ends. When you move the objects (rectangles, ellipses, others with their text label), the connectors remain connected and are rerouted to avoid as much as possible said objects. You can then tune the appearance of the charts without the pain to update yourself the connectors.

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Thanks for the answer, I totally understood it.