How to dropdown the listbox in dialog with macro?

Dropdown = Yes
Item(s) not selected. How to dropdown the listbox with macro?

If the goal is to use a macro to “click” on the down arrow that expands the list, then there is a long way using the doAccessibleAction method . It is hardly advisable.

Yes, that’s right.
How can I adapt this code to the dialog listbox?

sub Drop_down_Listbox
    oController = thiscomponent.CurrentController
    oListbox = thisComponent.drawpage.forms.getbyname("MainForm").getbyname("myListbox")
    oListboxControl = oController.getControl(oListbox)
    oListboxControl.AccessibleContext.doAccessibleAction(0)'drops it down
end sub

@sokol92, thanks for the hint. It works.

		If g_oDlg.getControl("lstGroups").SelectedItem = "" Then
			MsgBox "You need to select a group from the list.", MB_ICONEXCLAMATION, "Group Selection"
			g_oDlg.getControl("lstGroups").AccessibleContext.doAccessibleAction(0)  'drops it down
			Exit Sub
		End If