How to dynamically reference to array in a sheet after inserting rows

Hello, all.

I wish to know how to dynamically reference to an array in a second sheet.
In sheet 1 I would have an array of width:6 hight:2. I designated a range called ‘myarray’ to reference to this region.
In sheet 2 I then would enter in A1: =myarray and pressing ctrl+shift+enter. This results in the contents of the array being referenced in my second sheet. Alterations to the individual cells in sheet 1 are updated and correctly displayed in sheet 2. When I add a row between my 2 rows in ‘myarray’ in sheet 1, I can confirm that ‘myarray’ now has a hight:3 and encompasses this new range of data. However, this extra row is not outputted/updated in sheet 2. Instead it just shifts everything down 1 row and (correctly) displays only the first 2 rows of my now 3 row array. If I deleted the array in sheet 2 and copy the array again, it does display all 3 rows correctly.

My questions is: How can I make it so that it correctly updates the amount of rows in sheet 2 after inserting a row in sheet 1.

Thank you all in advance.

This is my first question on this forum or forums in general, so if I violated policies in regards to where or how to ask questions, please politely inform me.
Thanks again.

The output range of an array formula is never dynamically adjusted, otherwise it could overwrite existing cell data. In general, calculating formula expressions does not modify the spreadsheet structure.

To dynamically copy a range of data to another cell range you could define a database range (Data → Define Range…) and then using Data → More Filters → Standard Filter create a filter that matches all entries, for example Field name (some column) Condition <> Value x and under Options activate Copy results to and enter a cell address where output shall start and activate Keep filter criteria. Whenever you want to refresh the data place the cell cursor in the original source range and use menu Data → Refresh Range.