How to edit MathType equations in LibreOffice?

Apparently there are support for MathType equations in LibreOffice. But I still can’t figure out how to edit them directly with LibreOffice (Math). Any guidance is appreciated.

If “MathType to LibreOffice Math or reverse” [L] option is checked (by default it is) in Tools → Options → Load/Save → Microsoft Office then LO automatically converts all MathType objects to LibreOffice Math format on loading the MS Office document that contains them, so they can be edited. Only restriction is that “the embedded MathType objects must not exceed the MathType 3.1 specifications” as stated in LO Help. That probably means most MathType object won’t be editable in LO at the moment.

See MathType works with LibreOffice for info on how LibreOffice works with MathType, as well as 600+ other apps and websites.

Note: This is a closed-source add-on to LibreOffice.

Yeah that doesn’t work if you are on linux. there is no way to edit equations created using mathtype + office on windows in a linux environment. Also on the mathtype website there is no help at all. They only describe how to add/edit equations using mathtype in a Windows environment! No linux! Why? Probably because a market study discovered that mathtype would not be used as much on linux…

Luyu, actually that option isn’t much help. MathType 3.1 format hasn’t been used since MathType 4.0 was released in April 1999.

Zombifier, to answer your original question, there’s currently no way that I know of to edit MathType equations with LibreOffice Math. This is something we’re working on, but we have nothing to announce at the moment.