How to edit or remove hyperlink button in Calc?

I have created one or two hyperlink buttons in Calc that I now need to edit or remove, but can I? Can I ****. Can only select cells around a button and not the actual button! And I can’t find the answer in documentation. It’s got to be straightforward hasn’t it? What am I missing? Help please. I am a LibreOffice newbie.

Thanks mariosv, problem solved

I think you can solve the issue with:

  • Open the Form Design of Form Controls toolbar (Menu/View/Toolsbar)

The second button change design mode on/off, change to on and I hope you can select and edit the button.

After switching design mode on (in either the Form Controls, or the Form Design menu) I have found it necessary to select and delete the control five times in succession before it disappears! Bizarre or what?

Thanks a lot… it really helped.

@mariosv - this is a very important information which should appear in the help file of - at least - for Calc!