How to edit size of page breaks

I’m using LO on Win 10. When I view page breaks in Writer document everything looks normal but when I do print preview some pages are split into 2. What have I done, how do I rectify?

What do you mean? A page break has no intrinsic “size”, it is an indication to jump to the next page, leaving an empty space between current position and page end.

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At the bottom of your Writer screen you can see the page style name for the current page It would seem that you have at least two different page styles in your document.

You can either match the margins for the different page styles or change the pages styles to a single style

Check View|Show Whitespace.

Earnest Al I can’t see anything that reveals the page style. Adjusting margins sounds a possible solution

No mate, it splits vertically…oh dear this has just made me realise it is a Calc sheet not Writer :frowning:

Click View > Page break and drag page divisions to suit. Or

Click Print preview and adjust size and margins to suit

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I found the answer in most part by clicking Format > Page > Page Order.
thanks everyone for your consideration and patience