How to edit text in a text box?

Hi all. I have created a textbox with some text in it. Now I would like to change that text. How can I do it? I saw a webpage that said I should click the Text icon. I don’t see such an icon.

If you can’t enter text somewhere, try double-click or key F2 to get a text cursor in that object.

Was I wrong to tag it “common”? If so, I’m sorry. This is my first time posting here.

Also, after searching for an icon, or and answer on the WW for 30m, I realized I can just start typing in the textbox and that will put me in some kind of text mode. Then I can move the text cursor wherever I like and edit the text. Thanks for the replies.

Your question was so unspecific that “common” may be the only thinkable category. I stll don’t know what kind of text box you are talking about.

I don’t know what kind of text box either.

Click the upload icon and upload a file with your text box.

c’mon, no need to hassle the OP. He means the most obvious, a Text Box created with Insert->Text Box