How to eliminate default footer but keep content

I have a long document in Libre Word, which inadvertently has “default footer” relegating text to footer. I want to eliminate the footer, but want to keep the text in the document.

Not sure how default footer got turned on, a problem I never had before using Microsoft Word (which had other format problems hard to correct). Anyway, solution was to go painstakingly page by page and wherever text ended up in footer field copied it to clipboard and pasted it to main body of text where it belonged. Then did global delete of default footer when I was sure all the footer fields were empty.

page by page

Until there is a change of page style, then everything in the first footer will be the same as in other footers. Should only be chapter by chapter, unless the text was held in something else, a Text Box or a frame hanging over the footer maybe?

Is the document saved as .doc(x)? In this case the conversion process tends to create one page style per page because Word has no notion of page style. Writer uses this approach when header/footer is different in a new page to avoid losing information. This also means that the original document was weirdly formatted.