how to eliminate extra rows at bottom of file

Hello - I need about 60 rows, but the default file has thousands. How do I get rid of all the extras? I tried selecting and “delete cells”, but there were still thousands of extra rows.

I think you will find that those “extra rows” are quite empty until you use them and will not be saved unless they have been used. Unless of course they are the result of a file that you imported into Calc.


These “extras” (empty) rows are not printed. They do not increase the size of the file.

If they interfere with the display, you can switch to the page break mode: menu ViewPage Break

In this mode, unused rows are not represented, they are greyed out. However, they remain accessible: just click and enter data.


See also: Excessive number of rows and columns in a new Calc worksheet and don’t miss to consider the “Better omit this” at the end of my answer there.

When using spreadsheets you should accept the technical focus of the software. Don’t look at a spreadsheet as if it is a piece of “tidy scratch paper”.