How to embed base64 MIME content in documents?

Libre Office supports basic html Tags and supports DATAURLs

I can create data urls in libreoffice, however they are not handled properly to open the data url. for example if i create a very basic data url to embedded a pdf. and click the link to open it. i get the following window.


however if i use the preview in browser i can click the link and it will open properly.

my data url example is this:

<a href="data:application/pdf;base64,<--Base 64 document goes here-->">CLICK HERE</a>

Does anyone know how i might change how LO handles these types of links? It would be convenient for embedding pdfs.

This would be very neat indeed. Do you want to embed a PDF document made of multiple pages, or a single-page graphic in PDF format?

To be honest i just want to be able to embed generic (mostly smaller) documents/files. I do realize there is a 33% file size increase so its unreasonable to embedded gigantic files. However i find it very useful to put a copy of my referenced materials inside my document as apposed to a local or web link. I just find it fascinating how close i am able to get. In fact the document is embedded, it just won’t open easily.

HTML embedding of base64 encoded content is a pseudo-alternative approach to solving the problem of embedding foreign (non-native) content in a document. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is a different, but more comprehensive, approach to solving the same issue. As I indicated in this answer, the OpenDocment format does not have any equivalently specified solution. This is possibly a contributing factor to why the HTML links are not being correctly interpreted (however there may be other related factors as well).

While I am not a fan of OLE, in this instance it is a better suited solution than base64 encoding with a HTML wrapper. There are several options available to keeping a link (to external content) fixed. Using a basic hyperlink in this manner is likely a more elegant solution again.