How to embed EPS in PDF created by LibreOffice-Writer?

Hello LO-Experts,

LibreOffice Writer claims to support EPS.
Well, if I embed an EPS I just see the pixelated preview if the EPS contains one. Otherwise an empty placeholder box is displayed. I could live with that.

However, when I create a PDF from the LO-Writer document I really would expect that the vector content of the EPS is placed into the PDF and NOT just the pixelated or empty preview.
How can I manage that the vector content of the EPS is used in the PDF?
Thanks for hints.

Under WinXP and with an old Version of OpenOffice I had it work but only when creating the PDF with a specific “PDF-Printer” (actually, it was PDFCreator0.93, with newer versions it also failed). I saw the pixelated EPS in OO but luckily got the vector content in the PDF. The internal OO PDF-Export always failed. Why did it work with this PDF-Printer? What was/is different?

There was a similar question in this forum, but closed because “…question is not relevant or outdated…” Really?

The situation with eps is still the same: you need to use an external “pdf creator” to get it into the PDF or to convert the eps to another format before inserting the image. Neither AOO nor LibO have proper eps import or even display support and I don’t think this will ever change. IMO, the best “future proof” way to “resolve” the problem is to convert the eps into svg: Inkscape can do the job (maybe you’ll also need Ghostscript installed).

Thanks, RGB-es. I feared this type of answer. It seems to be the same story since ages. What drives me crazy is that it worked perfectly (although with quite some workarounds) but now it does not any more. One “PDF-Printer” worked, others did not.

Do I have to switch to LaTeX? There, including EPS and creating PDFs seems to work since a long time… What is different there?

I agree, switching to SVG would be an option. However, I have not yet found a useful “SVG-Printer” which gives good results and which does not require manual post-processing. I also want to avoid several steps of converting from one format into another one. So far, I observed, even if you have a good-looking SVG, LibO-Writer introduces some kinks and “pixelation” when exporting to PDF in some cases.