How to embed video into Impress presentation?


Today I have noticed that if I insert a video into my LibreOffice Impress presentation, I get actually only a link to the video file included into the presentation. If I remove the initial video file after that, I end up with a presentation without video.

Is there a way to embed (build in) a video file into the LO Impress presentation?


InsertMovie and Sound, uncheck “Link” before importing.

Thanks a lot! It really works on GNU/Linux. :slight_smile:

As far as I know video embedding is not supported on LO Impress.

It is possible with Impress, but only in Linux. On Windows Impress is likely to crash, see:

fdo#45081 – RESOLVED FIXED 2012-05-10

Where’s the “Link” checkbox?

I’m using Kubuntu (KDE) and the window that opens for selecting the file doesn’t have any “link” checkbox.

Bottom-left corner of Insert Movie and Sound dialog, below “File type”.