How to enable Record Macro in Impress

I have installed LibreOffice V (x64) running on Windows 10.

Record Macro option is not present on the Tools>Macros menu, but is present in Calc and Writer. I have dome considerable research online and tried a number of alternative ‘fixes’ but none were relevant or effective.

Could anyone provide assistance?


As Help states:

LibreOffice can record commands executed with the keyboard and mouse in Writer and Calc

  • The macro recorder works only in Calc and Writer.

So the very first research point answers the question: macro recording is not available in other modules, including Impress.

Thank you Mike. I had seen this in ‘Help’, but thought the documentation may be outdated, since the Record Macro option DOES appear in the Macros menu, when one looks via the customisation facility. I naively thought there may be a way to ‘activate’ it in the most recent version.

Maybe I could submit a ‘feature’ request?

This is tdf#61528 (closed as dupe for tdf#64314).

It does, at lease to some extent, work in Base also. Just used for a different answer. LO v7.0.4.2 on Ubuntu 20.04