How to enter superscript and subscript in Libreoffice Base forms/reports?

Is there any way of entering superscript of subscript formatted characters in a base form or report? I would like to enter chemical formulas in some fields. If that is not possible for record fields could I at least use it in labels, e.g for units (m^2)?

Libreoffice (x64)
Windows 10
AMD a12 9800

Don’t see any way to enter superscript/subscript in data or label fields. This is about all I found possible:

image description

First typing the formula in Writer, then a screenshot and finally entering it into an image control.

H2O was just typed directly onto the form (basically a writer doc). This may suffice for your “labeling” but it doesn’t seem possible in any control.

I am not sure I understand what you’re saying in the last paragraph. How do you type a subscript into the form?

When any form is open in Edit mode, it is essentially a writer doc. There is a cursor on the form and at the cursor you can type in characters like a writer document. Using Format->Character... from the menu you can then select on the Position tab if subscript or superscript is desired.

Not very handy for what I want to do but thanks anyway!