How to exit SafeMode

Here is what happened: I was trying to to use the Base wizard to connect to an existing MsAccess 2003 Database. Errored with: THE CONNECTION TO DATASOURCE COULD NOT BR ESTABLISHED. MAYBE THE NECESSARY DATA PROVIDER IS NOT INSTALLED. LO then crashed and crash report was submitted. LO gave option to enter safe mode. and I did. Closed and opened LO several times and still in safemode. First step is to get out of SAFE-MODE!, and then address the [DATA PROVIDER] FOR MSACCESS problem. using LO6.03 , windows10-64b

@RandallH Can’t say what you current problem is. Reason is I have worked with multiple 6.x versions (from Beta thru 6.01 today) and all have problems in Base. The latest is causing random crashing for me. Have v5.4.5.1 now installed & it seems stable in Base.

If you are working with Base may be better to work with 5.4.x version until 6.x Base bugs worked out.

As for connecting to Access, I use Linux which requires a separate connector to Access unlike Windows. Don’t think can help there.

Can state going into safe mode to try to fix ‘Connection’ problem probably won’t help. It’s usually a matter of entering the correct DB info. See comments in this question. Appears connection to Access works in Windows using 32-bit LO & Java.


@RandallH I have been able to successfully connect 64-bit Base to Access file using a JDBC connector. Please see instructions on post previously mentioned (click here).

Sorry, but not sure how you may be stuck in Safe mode. Possibly reset user profile.