How to export a table from Calc to PDF so that the page exactly fits the table?

I have a table in Calc and I want to export it to PDF so I can use it in a different document (in LATEX). When I select the table and do File > Export to PDF, it is exported on an A4 page, and the settings in the dialog window don’t affect this.

How can I do that the table is exported on a page as small as possible to fit the table, thus the PDF doesn’t have any margins around the table?

Initially, it is not a function of PDF export; rather, it’s how you set up page style in Calc document itself. You define page dimensions there in the page style, its margins, and also you may define how the data is scaled to the page (so that it fits). Note though that there is no way to make such a page style to automatically change to fit both width and height.

But since version 6.4, you may use Whole sheet export function just for what you need.

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Whole sheet export is what I want. Thanks.