How to export HTML size bigger than 1024x768?

I am trying to use the Draw component to create a presentation.

If I export my drawing to PDF that includes gradients and shapes, the objects are (incorrectly) transparent.

If I export it to PNG or JPG, it only exports the current page, not all of them.

If I export it as HTML, it exports all pages as PNGs, but I can only choose a maximum size of 1024x768 for the graphics.

The easiest solution that would make me happy is to support exporting to HTML with image sizes greater than 1024x768. It seems on today’s modern hardware, two more sizes would be good: 1280x900, 1600x1200. As a bonus, it’d be nice to include some typical 16:9 aspect ratios, like 1280x720, 1920x1080.

Hi @philovivero,

Sounds like there are a couple of bugs to file:

  • Bug: Export of Draw files with gradients and shapes results in incorrect transparency.
  • Enhancement: You can only export one page to an image at a time
  • Enhancement: Allow exporting to HTML with larger image sizes