How to export Notes only from LibreOffice

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to export using just the notes for a slide. When I create a one page .pptx document (I need to export the notes from PowerPoint) with “hello world” as the slide text and as notes text: “hello world notes”, I open it in LibreOffice and choose File → Export → Export As pdf and choose “Export only notes pages”, the resulting PDF shows slide + slide notes on each PDF.

Similarly, I tried to export only the slide notes with the command

/Volumes/LibreOffice/ --headless --convert-to pdf:“impress_pdf_Export:ExportOnlyNotesPages=true” --outdir ~/tmp ~/Downloads/hello-world.pptx

Is is possible to just export the slide notes?

Regards,… Fred

It seems that notes page includes the slide.

A (not perfect) workaround:

  • change Master Notes (menu View) so the Slide size is just as small as do you wish, and move the Notes just below it.
  • export to PDF (or print to a PDF printer)

Maybe this can be an enhancemente request, that it can be printed Notes without Slides; and a bug report for rewording the PDF Options dialog.
I see two related bug reports: tdf#45498 and tdf#95193, but not about the exact issue.
Tested with LibreOffice on Windows 10.0.

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