How to export one excel's sheet to PDF with multiple page

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I already try the page style settings but dose work.

Have you defined the print range?

What is it that doesn’t work?

In other words:

  • what do you have in your sheets?
  • what printout/PDF-export do you get?
  • what did you expect to get?

One thought:
You have chosen to resize the output to fit on 10 paper pages, which is an “unusual chunk” (not unthinkable, though). Have you misunderstood the meaning of the fields, or do you have content that would cover more than 10 pages at normal size? (This scaling does not enlarge content size to fill 10 pages. It only reduces size to fit inside 10 pages, if it would cover more at full size.)

The settings’ titles are easily misunderstood. The terms “page” and “sheet” have different meanings between onscreen spreadsheet and the paper printout.

One Sheet, contain some report data(just some digits and table)
example excel
FDR003- Client Cash Balance Detail Report By Client.xlsx (167.8 KB)
export pdf:
FDR003- Client Cash Balance Detail Report By Client.pdf (93.9 KB)

when i preview print

expect to get preview print result with multiple pages

i tried, but “print range” not work for export to pdf

Cannot force the issue on my Windows system, but I suspect that the cause of trouble may be found in the defined sheet size (zero x zero, indicated in the print preview pane) or some hidden artifact inherited from Excel context.

Is it possible to select a paper size in the Page Layout section of that dialog? If so, does that change anything at all in the outcome?

Also, is it possible to generate the report in a non-Excel format (csv, ods), or does it come from some system where Excel is the only applicable target format?

thks ! i solve this issue by

LibreOffice Help on Whole sheet export.

EDIT: Better aiming link: Whole sheet export.