How to export to MediaWiki language?

I’m using Libreoffice 4, on Ubuntu. I’d like to export an existing .docx file to mediawiki language.

Thank you.

Are you using the Ubuntu provided version or TDF version of LO? The Ubuntu provided version (from memory) does not automatically install the required extension. I have updated my answer below. Do you have the File > Send > To MediaWiki… option?

File > Export… select MediaWiki | txt in the File type list. Click Save button. Also refer this thread.

You will require the libobasis4.0-extension-mediawiki-publisher package installed to allow this.

Update (2018.04.05) - The necessary extension for Ubuntu is now found as libreoffice-wiki-publisher – install it using sudo apt install libreoffice-wiki-publisher.

I just added to my question the export menu screenshot (I don’t have the mediawiki option)

I installed LO4 on Ubuntu using .deb provided on the website. So you’re right, it need to install this extra package. Anyway, I planed to upgrade to 13.04 so the default LO should already contain the export to mediawiki package. Thanks.

For me the package was libreoffice-wiki-publisher.

[ubuntu] - And if you don’t see it turn up in your Export... menu after installing, then logout and then log back in again. (Speaking from experience… :wink: