How to export white text to black PDF text

I’d like to know if there’s a PDF exporting setting to automatically convert white text to black.

I know that there’s the standard method of selecting all the text and then changing the color. Though, I’m looking for a way to export a PDF of a document with black text, while keeping the text within the actual document white.

Reason for text being wight is that it’s easier to read white text on a black background, rather than the other way around.

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In LibreOffice (Writer)

  1. First make sure page color is set to none.
    • Format > Page Style > Area
  2. Set the default document background to dark
    • Tools > Options > Application Colors > Top option “Document background”
    • Move the color slider in the box on the left to a preferred dark color (for me it had to be at the very left and quite close to the bottom)
  3. Set the text color to automatic
  • Tools > Options > Application Colors > Choose “Font color” under the first subheading “General”
  • Choose “Automatic” from the text color choosing button that may be at the top of the application window (symbol is “a” with a color beneath it and an arrow next to it)
  • (Not what I did, but may work) Choose “Automatic” at the top of the color choosing window that pops up

There’s no automatic conversions of the formatting that you applied to the document for exporting. The workflow is to create the document, prepare it for publishing all the way you need, then on any export try to keep everything possible for that format.

But you are doing that the other way round. Instead of setting text color white, just modify the application colors to have document background (not page!) black. The default text colour is not black, but automatic, which means “black on bright background, white on dark background”. Default page background is none, which means it is not filled with any colour, showing underlying application-defined colour. So going to OptionsLibreOfficeApplication Colors and setting Document background to black will let you read white on black on screen, and print/export black on white.