How to extend a circled number to more than 20?

Hey guys. Does anyone know how to extend the circulated numbers to more than 20 to use in the endnotes?
Thank you!

If you expect any decent answer, edit your question to be more informative. Don’t add a comment, but press the … link and use the “pencil” tool. Mention LO version, OS name and save format.

What do you call “circled numbers”? Are they the Unicode glyphs U+2460 to U+2473 CIRCLED NUMBER x? If so, it isn’t possible.

If you accept to change from circle to rectangle, I can give you a workaround. It assumes you are familiar with styles, character styles in this case and with the endnotes configuration. This means it will only work with native save format, i.e. .odt.

This is not provided for in the normal fonts.

Insert special characters in Writer

You could possibly select a font with a font editor and add the desired characters there.

Numbers 21 to 50 start at U+3251 ㉑…㊿, see Unicode Circled Numbers ① ② ③

Not sure that you could use them for endnote numbering however it looks as though you might be able to

Note that MS Word Docx enclosed characters are not supported, see tdf#134706

But each group (1-10, 11-20, 21-50) have a different format (font, size).
21-35, 36-50:

EDIT: I have nothing against @EarnestAl comment; I just quoted to follow the idea. :innocent:

And, in addition, every note must be manually labelled with such a character.

Op has not yet answered about my proposal to use borders around the note number. Also his request is incomplete because the “border” (whether circle or rectangle) can be put around the note anchor (in the text) or the note number (in the footer or at end of document) or both.

Yes, that’s true but it is already implemented in, also If you click Insert > Field > More fields, select the Variables tab, under Type select Number range and under Format select the circled numbers then press Insert 51 times you will get 50 circled numbers and one uncircled. There are some smallish variations in appearance and the numbers 21-50 use Chinese (simplified) language with font NSimSun 10.5

It is not something I would willingly use.