How to extend my table to the edge of the page?


I’m making a CV using LibreOffice Writer, it is great but the table doesn’t want to extend to the edge of the page without going to the next page.

How do I extend my table to the edge of the first page without going to the next page?


Edit your question (= modify it, don’t use a comment) to improve it.
Mention OS name, LO version and save format (.odt vs. .doc(x)).
Better explain what you’re trying to do, not in supposed technical Writer “solutions”", but from a documentation/designer point of view. Are you sure you need a table? Why have you chosen a table? Is your data tabular “by nature” or do you use a table for its capacity to split the page into several independent areas (=cells)?

Note that a partial screenshot is useless (1- because you show nearly nothing, 2- because even View>Formatting Marks is not enabled).

Start with checking the margins of the page(-style). If you have a margin>0 at the bottom this will cause a break to the next page…

I think just because a resume should be laid out in table format these days, tables should not be used for it. IMHO, for the layout of resumes in Writer, frames are very good. So you have the important information specifically where you need it from the layout.
The attached file can give some suggestions.
The file as a sample refers to a similar question on the German Ask page.

80068 HB Curriculum Vitae Template 3 (23,1 KB)

I’m using windows 10, it’s a odt document. Basically, I’m making a CV using libreoffice and I’m using a table to split the page into 2 parts. Right now, I don’t have enough space to write the rest of the information without going to the next page. Is it possible or even a good idea to extend that table close to the corner of the first page for a CV ?

I think you mean a full row is forced to next page though there is ample space at bottom for a few more lines. This happens because you didn’t allow the table or cells to split.

To fix, right-click in the table and Properties. Go to Table Flow tab and tick the required attributes.

I wouldn’t recommend going to frames. It is even more complicated to get things right and consistent, all the more if you don’t master frame styles. The template file attached by @Hrbrgr is a perfect example of wrong Writer usage. This is typical artwork DTP which is better done in Scribus (FOSS app) or Quark XPress (commercial), Adobe xxx (commercial).

Your life with frames will soon become a nightmare as frames cannot straddle page boundaries. This makes editing really difficult when you’re tuning our text. With frames, you leave the notion of text flow for a collection of manually positioned text areas.