How to... EXTRACT num. values from specific cells of a range (on a condition)

My ultimate goal is to sum the values of SOME cells of a spreadsheet column, but there are different conditions on which I have to find the cells.
e.g. ‘sum of all the values from cells containing “dwarf” besides the numerical value’ OR ‘sum of all the values from cells in the same row of cells containing “dwarf”’ etc.

A possible solution could be to fill a whole new column for each condition with IF-based extractions, then at the bottom insert a SUM. Is there any smarter way, anything like a search function. I have tried LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, but in vain.


SUMIF Function

Thanks, but… now my formula is
=SUMIF(E1:E730;“criteria text.*”;A1:A730)
…which returns 0, even if I prepare target cells by wiping alpha characters from them.
(Ranges are checked and correct, but BOTH contain text AND numerical values)

question1: WHY this formula fails
question2: if ti WOULD work, how to extract alpha characters form (preliminary unknown) target cells (within the fromula)


check function SUMIFS() - LibreOffice Help - SUMIFS function

Hope that helps.