How to fill empty cells with zeros?

I’d like to fill all empty cells in my table with 0. I tried “find and change” (“znajdź i zamień” in Polish, Ctrl+H) function, where “find” field was empty and “change” contained 0. However, after running, empty cells were filled with 0, but it was aligned to the left side of each cell (instead of numbers which are aligned to the right). When I clicked on some of these cells, instead of 0 they contained '0 and it was impossible to correct it with “find and change”. How can I do it correctly?

That a text 0 was entered instead of numeric 0 (apparently happens only if the replacement is on an empty cell) looks like a bug. If you’d care to submit one at ?

However, the leading ' apostrophe is not part of the cell content (hence can’t be searched for) but indicates the content could be interpreted as numeric if reentered. You can change the result by selecting the cell area in question and invoke Ctrl+H again and

  • Find: ^0$

  • Replace: 0

  • under Other options:

  • tick Current selection only

  • tick Regular expressions