How to Fill same data in a column by dragging?

How can we fill the same date in a column by dragging? In MS excel we can fill 2-3 cells with a data and then drag it down to fill the same data in all cells, but in liberoffice calc, even after filling 3-4 cells with same data, when we select this range and drag it down, it is incrementing the the data.

Maybe this answer?

Press Ctrl while dragging :slight_smile:

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Thanks, It was too simple !!!

I realize this is an old thread but I still can’t seem to get it to work by this method. Is there some setting I need to alter to have this work?

I should also mention that I am trying to use a basic formula that I want to repeat down about 100 cells: “=B7” and it is not working even if I fill 3-4 cells with the same.

It works. Thanks Buddy!

Thanks, I was getting so frustrated.

Hi TimM,
I also can’t get CTRL key to work. I’m thinking this feature might only work in the old versions.

But you can reference the cells using $, and that will stop it from incrementing on drag.



If you drag above value, it will not increment the referenced cell ID.

Example 2:


With above example, only the first reference cell gets incremented, and the second reference stays the dame on a cell drag.