How to filter through color so text with different colors than default are not shown?

In Calc since the last great upgrade we can filter through text colors, but I can only filter in order that it shows only colored changed text, so if in my column (let’s say Column A) I have cells A3 and A4 in gray but A1 and A2 in standard color, it will only show the gray ones if I use the filter, but I can’t hide the ones in gray and leave the cells A1 and A2.

have you considered setting a condition to fulfil that task on the ones you wish to hide? Would that work? Perhaps upload a sample file with specimen data indicating your requirement?

Filtering by colors was implemented because users coming from Excel (and wrongly assuming that’s a kind of standard) requested the feature.

in fact information probably used to base filtering on should never be coded by attribute values changing the appearance of any cell, but always by cell contents - or, where appropriate, by formula results.

One or more columns of a data range may be dedicated to such information. Having done it this way, you can easily filter based on the information, and define a ConditionalFormat to make sure the information is also displayed prominently.
Never mix up attributes set by direct formatting and data values.

I made this short example:
disask69187Payments_1.ods (26.6 KB)