How to find and remove duplicates automatically

I have a dataset of few lists and columns, each column has from 2 000 to 160 000 rows, I need to find duplicates in each columne and then remove/erase them, I know that in data - filter is option to hide (unfilter) them, but I need to erase/remove them like it is working on Excell

I also know about IF function =IF(A2=A3;1;0), but I dont need to find them, i need to erase them automaticaly

How about this one:

mahfiaz: yeah, I know about this, as mentioned in my question, I am looking for something like Excell has
Data - Data Tools - Remove duplicates… it is automatic tool that remove all duplicates in the column, or in the range of cells you choose, and shrink rows automatically

Go To → Data-> Filter → Advanced Filter → Select Column Range → Click on options → Check " No Duplicates" … :slight_smile:

that is not how it works on the latest version I have.

Also did not work for me, however the standard filter worked – it hid the duplicate rows so I could copy the unique values (97 from 87k rows) into a further column, as I sort of wanted. When I wanted to overwrite the same column, it did overwrite (using M1 top of column), but didn’t delete the dups.