How to find file that doesn't show in folder


This morning I discovered an .odt file name “button2.html (Remote).” I tried to find it, but to no avail.

I clicked on an image in it and discovered its URL is a .js. I get a 404 page for the .com site in the URL.

Can you tell me how this file got on my computer? Am I being hacked in any way? How do I get rid of this file?

Any other information will be appreciated. Thanks.

If you can’t find it, how did you “discover” it?

From what you describe, it is higly likely that you have received a malicious email attachment. Such malicious content will usually be some script (javascript in a js file, vba script in a ms office file) masked as a different file type. It is also often sent as a download link, so the malicious “payload” avoids being scanned by the email service. Typically, the email will communicate some importance (money won, or invoice overdue) and urgency (react within an hour, often less, to avoid serious consequences).

My guess is that you can count yourself lucky that the malicious download was taken offline before you clicked the link.

Thanks for your response.

I discovered it when I opened LBOF. The next thing I did was to “Save As” to see the folder. I checked the folder, but didn’t see the file name. I searched my computer to no avail.

It had to enter by some other means, not email. I’m a stickler when it comes to opening emails.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas.