How to find places where Custom Paragraph Styles are used in a document

Over time I’ve created, and forgotten about, Custom Paragraph Styles I’ve created for a book I wrote. Now I want to purge the document of all custom styles that I never used, but I haven’t found a way to locate them, without a tedious perusal of over 330 pages!

Also, now that I’ve finished my book, I want to make sure all the fonts I used are Public Domain, which means going through each Custom Style [there are many], and finding where each is being used, so, if the font needs to be changed, I can make a gratifying substitution. Hence my interest in purging unused custom styles.

Does anyone know of a way to search based on Paragraph Style [“Page Style” is in the list of Search-And-Replace Attributes, but not Paragraph Style — which seems odd to me], or some other way to make this association?

Otherwise I’ll fall back on my “plan B” and save the thing in XML, and search that :roll_eyes:

I just answered part my own question! At the bottom of the Styles Manager is a filtering device. Setting it to Applied Styles at least shows me what styles are in use, in my document. But, I still need a way to find places, within the document, where each style is being used.

Too bad there isn’t an Unused Custom Styles filter … or is there?

Set different font/highlight colors to each applied style.

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Clever! I’ll give it a try!

How does an extension for selecting “special cells” in Calc, help me with searches in Writer?

I just tested under LO with Win10:
I have in “Search and Replace” Alt-Ctrl-F a checkbox, visible, if you open Options wich is labeled “Absatzvorlagen” in my german locale.
Selecting this I can select my defined paragraph-styles añd cycle through them by using the search-next button.

Google translates Absatzvorlagen to: “Paragraph templates”. And, on my version of Writer [ (x64)] Find and Replace is Ctrl-H [Alt-Ctrl-F isn’t].
But, yes, under Other Options I see the Paragraph Styles checkbox. I completely missed that, so thanks!

Well, I found my own solution [finally!]. It’s an old LibreOffice extension:

I was dubious because it appears development/maintenance ceased after “Compatibility 3.3”, but so far only one issue, and that was likely operator error exposing a bug. It was easy to recover from, and hasn’t happened since. What has happened is a whole lot of happy searching on Paragraph Styles! Thus problem solved!

UPDATE: I missed the solution posted by @Wanderer until after I posted this. So I marked it the solution [instead] because it’s germane [see what I did there :wink: ] and doesn’t require the installation of an extension. But, heck, I really like the extension!