How to find & replace ie. 8" with 8in etc for measurements?

Greetings LibreOffice Calc users!
I have an inventory spreadsheet with 900 rows of measurements written like this in one particular column:
Large bowls 12", Medium bowls 8" etc.

How do we replaces inches (") with in like this?
Large bowls 12in, Medium bowls 8in etc.

Many thanks!
I’m sooo frustrated…can’t find the correct Find & Replace solution. ;-( :frowning_with_open_mouth:

maybe some clues here : Quotation Marks (and inch marks)

if not attach a sample of your case : Guidelines for asking - #4 by jimk

Thanks for your reply, fpy!
My spreadsheet looks like this:
Large bowls 12"
Medium bowls 8"
Small bowls 6"

How do I use Find & Replace to get this result? :point_down:
Large bowls 12in
Medium bowls 8in
Small bowls 6in

nothing fancy :

Oh thanks!
Let me try & confirm!

It doesn’t work. I wonder how come your’s is working. :thinking:
I am on the latest Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop using LibreOffice v7.3.7.2.
See screenshot. I have the same settings as you.

Try to copy the " from a cell and put it in the Find field.

Eureka!! :astonished: :smiley:
Many thanks Hrbrgr for that extra piece of detail. :+1:

And thank you fpy for getting the ball rolling.
Much respect!

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Much better replacement: 20.3 cm. :smile: