How to find specific words in a field query


I have a table named John for my Bible Study Class. 6 Fields; Id, Testament, Book, Chapter, Verse, Passage.

I would like to be able to query the passage field so If I type in text like ’truth’ it will return the chapter, verse and passages that contain that word. My problem is that no matter what word I try under criterion for passages field, There are no records. Am I doing something wrong? I did query in design view and had the words I was looking for like ‘truth’ in single quotes next to criterion. No results. Everything else works for example if I put ‘28’ under criterion for the verse field, It returns all verse 28 chapters and passages. Thanks for help if possible.

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I believe your question is in regards to use the form filter. If so, start by selecting Filter Navigation icon giving you this screen:

image description

Then in the field you want to search, enter what you are looking for and press Enter:

image description

Then simply select the Apply Form-Based Filter icon for results:

All records containing that information in that field will be selected. This is case sensitive unless your table field is set as VARCHAR_IGNORECASE:

image description

Additionally, there are many ways to use an SQL query to return results. Here is just one:

The selection is done using a parameter for selection entry and ignores case (table setting doesn’t matter for this).

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Set Criterion to LIKE '*truth*'.

query design view

Using LIKE '%truth%' also works, and seems better to me because it is like the underlying SQL. However, the query design form turns % into *.

Instead of modifying the query each time, use this Criterion to ask for the keyword to search.

LIKE LOWER ( '%' || :keyword || '%' )

Then enter truth in the Parameter Input box that appears.

Thank you for the advice. I did everything exactly like the screenshot. It worked. I did not try the parameter input box yet. Thanks again.