How to fit a form control inside a cell?

When I insert a form control I can draw it anywhere, but is it possibile to fit it exactly inside a cell, so that if I resize the row/column containing the cell the control gets resized as well?

Only with disproportionate progamming, but hopefullly →Data→Validity… will fit your needs.

I’m sorry, I’m using LibreOffice 6.1 and when selecting “Validity” I can see only “Criteria”, “Input help” and “Error alert”. Is it supposed to show something about control/cell size?

There are further options under »Criteria« …

Yes, they are: “Allow”, “Allow empty cells”, “Data” and “Value”

Yes and there is a Dropdown right of »allow«

FormControls are “hosted” by specialized shapes. These shapes can be anchored in the same way as other shapes. If your version supports Anchor to Cell and Anchor to Cell (resize with cell) this should work. It won’t make sense in many cases, however.
There is also Fit to Cell Size.
Use the context menu. (Rightclick while the control is selected).

(I don’t remember with what version exactly this was introduced.)

For the record, version 6.1 supports them all, thanks!

You should upgrade anyway, 6.1 is end-of-life for years.

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