How to fix docx watermark in

I have a report I am required to submit for my employer which is provided to me in docx format. The document has a watermark that is properly displayed in MS Word. However, in previous versions of Writer and in the watermark doesn’t display properly. The graphic is displayed under the text, but appears in a dark/bold navy blue color (likely the actual graphic) and not a watermark ( a light subdued version of the graphic).

So the watermark in the docx document displays correctly in Word but not in Writer. When I bring up the background image controls, I am able to select, move, and resize the image. However I am not able to fade the image through transparency or any other settings.

Since this is kind of a compatibility issue and the desired outcome is that a docx document opened in Writer should display as it does in Word, should I put this in as a bug/feature request?