How to fix font in spreadsheet chart callout?

I have a spreadsheet for my bank account balance. Column A lists each date over the next year. Column G lists the bank balance each day.
I have a graph to show the bank balance over the year. Superimposed on the chart I have several callouts to indicate what the major transactions relate to.
I have entered the texts in the callouts in the default font, Liberation serif, 12point, regular.

However, when I close the spreadsheet, and re-open it, all the texts have transformed into huge characters, and the callout boxes have extended downwards to suit. If I select a call-out and then double-click on it, then the text reverts to its original size, although the call-out box remains enlarged.

When I close/re-open the file, the same thing happens again.

How can I force the text and callout box to stay the size I want them to be?

  • Which format do your store your spreadsheet to (.ods, .xls(x))?
  • Are your chart and the callouts “Grouped”?
  • Which operating system do you use?
  • Which LibreOffice version do you use?

Hi Opaque,
Thanks for your reply.
I store the spreadsheet as a .ods file
I have not used the “Group” command. If I right-click on any callout, there is no “Group” option in the window, which seems to imply that they are not grouped. I have just tried to group a couple of the callouts, but I cannot select more than one callout at a time, so cannot group them.
My operating system is Windows 10
My LibreOffice is Version: (x64)

First of all - I see the same thing, if creating callouts inside the chart (and I’d assume this being a bug). And indeed there is no Group function got that way. But that’s not the way, I do stuff like that (which doesn’t mean anything and may be is just due to my ignorance) - but your using of the phrase Superimposed made me assume you make it the same way: What I do:

  • View -> Toolbars -> [x] Drawing
  • Select Callout shape
  • Place it over the chart (that’s what I’ve interpreted superimposing)
  • Adapt the properties
  • Select the callout shape
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT and click into the chart (which gets select)

=> Now you find Group on Right click

Check this: ChartCallout.ods with Right click -> Ungroup or Right click -> Enter Group

Hi Oblique,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but I spent until the early hours of this morning trying to sort this out. I think I have succeeded.

I have created a few spreadsheets, to check what happens.
It seems that a new spreadsheet , if set up with a graph and callouts, always starts the callout text as a default font, Liberation Serif 12 point.
If the callout shape is changed, then when it is closed/re-opened, the text now appears in a much larger font size, and the depth of the callout box increases to accommodate the new-size text. The width of the text box stays as before. If the callout is then selected (Repeated left-clicking on it will do this.) then the text reverts to its original size, although the depth of the box must be adjusted manually. Closing/Re-opening the spreadsheet again produces the same result – large text.

However, if the text size is modified (I changed one from 12 point to 14 point, and one from 12 point to 8 point, and changed the box size), then everything works properly.

So it’s important to change the font size, not just the callout box size. Then it all stays as modified.

Many thanks for your interest.

Regards from Ken Trees.