How to fix the snap lines guide edit does not work and it always go back to 82.5 in centimeter

The house layout that I’m doing in LibreOfficeDraw was scaled to 1:60.
Editing the snap line lower than 82.5 is ok but I need the higher measurement in my ruler.
What I’m doing now is manually click and drug the snap line.

How to fix …

By filing a bug report.

(I also see the problem, but for a different number: in my testing, it stops at ~177 cm, which is likely related to used page size.)

I try the safe mode and set it up using A3, I’ve notice that the “Edit Snap Line” is working and from inches going to centimeter still okay but when I’d change the scale from 1:1 to 1:60 then the problem comes out, editing higher than 83cm and then click “OK” it goes back to 83cm. Before in the old version everything is normal but now even the “Arrange” also not work in some object.

Filed tdf#132093

tdf#132093 is fixed in an upcoming 6.4 bugfix release.