How to flip multiple objects individually?

In Impress, how can flip multiple selected objects individually, rather than as a group?
When I try to use flip on multiple objects, it behaves as if they were grouped together (which they aren’t). I want each object flipped individually – but without having to click the Flip button multiple times.

I am afraid that this proceeding is not possible…

Do you just want to not forget to include one of the selected shapes in your “flipping session”?
If so:
-1- Select the objects.
-2- Group them.
-3- Enter the group.
-4- Select the objects one by one and treat them as wanted.
-5- Exit the group.
-6- Check if every object was treated correctly.
-7- Ungroup the group.

If you want to get asked for a specific way to flip (treat) it for each element of a selection you will need to write user code. (Sub rememberSelection(), Sub selectNextElementOfTheRememberedSelection() e.g.)