How to force a true re-count of images in writer

I’m looking for a way to make a recount of my images in a writer document to get a current true number. The File->Properties->Statistics does not seem to be reliable.

I seem to have found this procedure

  1. File->Properties->Statistics → Ok
  2. File->Properties->Statistics → Ok

which appear to update the statistical count, but it is trustable as the procedure is rather silly?

I would like to use this procedure before and after saving to verify that the number of images are as expected.
What triggers a recount of images, words, tables etc?


I’m using latest stable version 6.4.x.
Inserting the Images field do seem to trig a (re)count, but I am uncertain whether updating this field (F9) really does it. I will try to monitor this.
The Update button on the statistics page does not seem to work. I have not figured the behaviour of the button on this page.
I have a problem with images that randomly disappears from the document, probably during save. So I am looking for a way to really count the current number of image tags in the document without relying on a cached value shown on the statistics page.

@bosi, If you don’t rename images (so they are named Image1, Image2, etc.) and insert them in sequence (last inserted in last position), by pressing F5 you can get the total number of images by looking the last image name number.

You didn’t mention your LO version.

In my, File>Properties, Statistics tab has an Update button.

You can also Insert>Field>More Fields, Document tab, Type Statistics, Select Images to have the number of images in your document. The field can be updated with Tools>Update>Update All (or …>Fields = F9).

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