How to force all apps to save in FLAT format by default

I version my files in git and always forget to changes the document type from ODT to FODT or ODS to FODS when I do the initial save. Is there anyway to make the FLAT versions of the open document formats used by LibreOffice the default formats when the save dialog is opened?

Since your question has nothing to do with the database frontend Base, retag your question as common.

I thought “base” meant the base of the suite of apps. Why isn’t that tag “database”?

Because the “component” (sub-application) is called Base. Those tags are perhaps ill-chosen for newcomers but they reflect the name of the application inside which the problem occurs; writer for text documents, calc for spreadsheets, impress for presentations, draw for diagrams, math for formula editor and base for database access.

When a problem occurs in all applications, the tag is common.

Go to Tools | Options | Load/Save | General - or LibreOffice | Preferences… for Mac users - and make your changes under Default File Format and ODF Settings

That’s it. Thanks