How to force Writer/LibreOffice to work with one font in specific document only?

I have a document where I paste notes. Usually it cames with another format/size/etc.

It would be very useful if entire document, is forced to work with one font only (independent of source font). Other formats would be useful to be restricted too, but I wonder if font type could be limited.

What would be the best configuration to force one specific odt document to work with one font only, independent of text pasted (copy/paste) with another format? i.e. copy text from web, and paste into document.


Does Edit | Paste special (or Ctrl+Shift+V) and choose Unformatted text achieve the end result you want?

… or paste and Ctrl + M to reset formatting.

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As a general rule, avoid direct formatting because its formatting “directives” are sticky and override all other.

If you have no direct formatting, only the paragraph and character style names are pasted. As a consequence, formatting will be as defined by current document styles. Of course if the styles do not exist, their definitions in the source document are added to the current document so that nothing is left dangling.

The above behaviour is valid for Writer-Writer copy & paste. In “foreign” environment, i.e. other-Writer copy & paste, the situation depends on import filters. For totally unknown sources, you have unformatted text paste. But for somehow managed sources, you end up with direct formatting.

HTML case: as Writer has a web page generation capability (WriterWeb), it understands HTML formatting (and CSS) and converts it to direct formatting. You then need unformatted text paste or clear direct formatting (Ctrl+M).

M$ Word case: similar to previous case; I have not experimented to see if Word paragraph style (its only style category) is forwarded without direct formatting but any other decoration ends up with single-usage character styles which pollute and overload the style dictionary. Here clear direct formatting will not always fix the situation. Paste unformatted is required to avoid any original formatting.

Experiment of see the degree of formatting import with other filters.

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After reading useful response and comments (from ajlittoz, gabix, robleyd and PKG), I’ve changed keyboard customization which could be done for Writer, Calc, or all Libreoffice (not for one document).

So, this configuration pastes “Unformatted Text” with common Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut in Writer always (which is ok for what I was looking for):

Open Libreoffice menu: Tools, Customize, Keyboard tab, and set this:

Question was for Writer, but same situation applies for Calc.

How does that work for you when you want to paste formulas in Calc?

You might be better off instead, adding the Paste as unformatted text icon to your toolbars if the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V keyboard shortcut is too unwieldy.